When it comes to owning a business, companies have to endure a wide array of personalities within their customer base, but this pizzeria's clientele might just take the cake — erm, pie.

A pizzeria's lists of banned customers on Reddit has caused quite the hilarious stir online.

The post shows a list of (blacked out) addresses that have been blacklisted, including the reason why they are being refused service.

Some of the reasons are self-explanatory, such as "does not want to pay," or the wildly frightening "threatened to burn the pizzeria."

Others are a little more cryptic, such as "stiff at the door," which, as it turns out, means the customer refused to pay once the pizza was delivered.

"Steak hoagie, large pizza," also confused many people, prompting the original poster to clarify what that means.

Turns out the moniker belongs to a "regular at the pizzeria who ordered the same 12-inch steak hoagie with provolone and a large steak and chicken pizza every week or so but always on Sunday for some reason."

However, on Super Bowl Sunday the individual placed the "usual order" and was told it would take at least two hours before they could fulfill his request as they were "slammed."


"He of course was upset about this and wouldn’t take no for an answer. They hung up on him as he started getting belligerent," the person wrote via Reddit, adding: "He stormed into the place 30 mins later yelling and causing a scene (there was a line of people all watching him do this). My friend's mom was trying to calm him down but he wasn’t having it."

The person continued: "Eventually, the store owner jumped in and started to threaten to call the cops. He shouted back and even tried jumping over the counter but failed and landed on the floor. He shouted some more, kicked the fridge holding the sodas then stormed out swearing to never order from there again. They then put him on the list as 'steak hoagie and large pizza' as everyone working there knows exactly who it's talking about."

Users were amused by the list, with many commenting their address has been banned by restaurants, whether it was them or not.

"We moved into a new place and the address had been blacklisted. Took a while to convince the pizza place and debt collectors we are not the old tenants," one person wrote, while another commented: "This happened to me as well. My (now) wife and I moved into a new apartment. The local Chinese place wouldn't deliver to us for 5 years. I heard the people in my area would rob delivery drivers. It's nicer here now."

Others users noted other wild reasons their address had caused some controversy.

"Reminds me of the time I answered the door to find a SWAT team expecting to find a suspect. They had to call off the rest of the team that was waiting at the back door. Scared the hell out of me since I was growing a little weed plant at the time, had to flush the poor guy out of panic at that moment. I miss that plant everyday," one user shared.

The Daily Mail reports Americans return a staggering $260 billion in merchandise every year, causing some retailers to enforce harsh policies regarding returns, and even blacklisting customers, including at restaurants.

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