When I say some great talent comes from the small town I grew up in I'm not kidding. A pro golfer, a football phenom and now a private chef who was a former sous chef under Wolfgang Puck is making some noise in our small West Texas town. Ever heard the name Raul Vasquez Jr, or 'Chef Raul?' Make a mental note because I have a feeling we will be hearing great things from this young man for years to come. 

Including the fact that he will be competing on the Food Network on Tuesday, August 9th on the popular show Supermarket Steakout!

According to CBS 7, Chef Raul is an Andrews High School graduate, who decided to pursue a career in the culinary arts after graduation. He attended Odessa College culinary school and in a short period of time moved to Dallas to become an executive chef,

he was Wolfgang Puck’s sous chef by age 22.

He is currently chef and owner of Ratengo, which means Latino in Japanese, and caters private meals large and small. How exciting to have such a talented young man represent West Texas in such a positive way. Chef Raul says that:

what we specify with Ratengo is we use Latin ingredients, we use Asian ingredients, and we back those with French techniques.”

Talk about a goal-oriented person who believes in honing his craft! If you are interested in booking Chef Raul for your next big party or special occasion, you can follow Ratengo on Facebook or contact them at (432)209-7642.

And don't forget to catch Chef Raul on the Food Network on Tuesday, August 9th on Supermarket Steakout!

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