As anyone who has ever seen a picture of Pete Davidson may know, the boy has a lot of tattoos. He has seven (seven!!) Harry Potter tats, a giant portrait of the Grinch, and several dedicated to his new fiancé, Ariana Grande (which he got after he, you know, covered up the one of his ex-girlfriend's face.)

But turns out, Davidson also has a space permanently reserved on his body for...dramatic pause...Grande's ex-boyfriend Big Sean. In a behind-scenes video for his recent Variety cover story, Davidson explained the story behind his first tattoo, which he says he got with his friend Ricky seven years ago. It says "swerve life," because, well, Davidson was a 17-year-old boy at the time and didn't have Grande around to tell him how utterly dumb that is.

It was apparently inspired by the chorus in Kanye West's "Mercy," in which Sean just says "swerve" a bunch of times.

"We were like, 'That's gonna last forever,' so now that's on our legs," Davidson joked.

Anyway, you can only imagine how totally fine and chill Grande is with being reminded of her ex every time she sees the leg of the man she's about to marry. Good luck with that one, Ari!!

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