Omigosh do you see the picture of this yumminess? I love, love, love me some pizza! It is hands down my favorite food. I would say in our household, we order pizza at least once a week and my kids have no complaints about that. So I decided to have a little fun and do a little comparison. Leo vs Rebecca with our pizza preferences. See who you are more like with how you like your pizza?


  • prefers pepperoni pizza over anything other topping
  • every now and then orders his pizza with jalapenos if he's feeling spicy lol
  • likes his pizza with a thin crust but loves brick oven pizza more than anything
  • can throw down at least three slices in one sitting
  • does not like parmesan cheese on his pizza but in true man form can get down with some crushed red pepper
  • no extra sauce or cheese for Leo ever
  • does not have a problem with pineapple on pizza
  • the only DON'T on a pizza for Leo is black olives-never ever try to give him a slice with black olives on it....EWWWW!

Rebecca's pizza preferences:

    • also loves pepperoni pizza
    • does NOT like any other meat on pizza i.e. sausage, canadian bacon, beef of any kind
    • looooves parmesan cheese on every slice-lots of it
    • depending on my mood I'll do thin or pan crust
    • does NOT believe pineapple belongs on pizza for any reason
    • will always eat at least three slices of pizza as well
    • likes a good extra cheesy pizza every now and then
    • you can win me over with a stuffed crust pizza anyday
    • dips pizza in ranch

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