We have had some hot temperatures the last couple of weeks and before you know it triple-digit temps will soon be coming to West Texas. So when dealing with extremely hot weather, this is important to know. According to Google, the top searched question this week is 'Can heat cause diarrhea?' Who asks that? Who even thinks like that? Lol, I would never put the #2, I mean, the 2 together personally, but apparently, many people are. 

Many people are wondering if extreme heat affects our bathroom habits. Apparently, it does.


The answer: YES!


According to experts, anything that causes a lot of stress can take a toll on your body. Think of how nervous you get before a job interview or a big presentation at work. That nervous 'I've got to poop' feeling is the same in any stressful, anxious situation, such as us stressing over triple-digit temperatures.

Photo by Jas Min on Unsplash
Photo by Jas Min on Unsplash

Also, hot weather causes bacteria to grow. Unfortunately, sweating and trying to stay out of the hot sun is the least of our worries. Food poisoning and cases of stomach flu might be more common when it's really hot out.


So yeah,if you have ever considered Googling about whether or not heat and diarrhea go hand in hand but were too embarrassed to do so for the sake of your search history, just know that plenty of people have already done it before you!

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