During a recent Nicki Minaj performance in Dubai, the rapper witnessed a security guard on his worst behavior, holding his phone during her set. As any boss would do, Nicki, as seen in the Twitter video above, strolled over to the security guard mid-"Feeling Myself" and kindly requested he turn over the device, which she then flung across the stage.

While Hollywood Life is reporting that the security guard was making a call, the above video, at just 12 seconds, is too limited both in length and scope to truly know what irked Nicki to the point of confiscation. Whether the security guard was texting or snapping a picture may ultimately be moot, as Nicki deemed, pretty instantly, that he was out of line in some capacity.

Nicki has been on tour for the better half of the new year, and dedicated a portion of a recent show in Cape Town, South Africa to her boyfriend Meek Mill, who is currently in Philadelphia on house arrest. Before performing the love song "All Eyes on You" off Meek's Dreams Worth Than Money album, Nicki recorded the crowd screaming “Baby, I miss you,” to send Meek's way. A slideshow of pictures of the two then scrolled across the screen behind her, with the audience chanting the song's chorus in unison.

She is in a decidedly less romantic mood in the video above, which only supports the notion that Nicki Minaj will not take shit from anyone.

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