I am not a 'Trekie'. I'm all about 'Star Wars'. But, man did I enjoy 'Start Trek Into Darkness' this Weekend.  I loved the first 'Star Trek' movie 4 years ago,  and enjoyed this one even more.

This one seemed to have a lot more action in it and a great storyline with the beginings of the villain known as Kahn. The bond between Captain Kirk and Spock also seems to really work in this movie. You can tell this is the movie that their friendship really started.

Anyways, awesome effects, great story and not really too many boring parts.This one really worked for me, and so far the summer movies are jammin. First, Iron Man 3 rocked it and now Star Trek does not disappoint.

And if JJ Abrams, the director, does what he has done for Star Trek to the new Star Wars movie coming out in 2015, I think Star Wars may be in good hands.