It's a New Music Weekend on B93 all weekend long.

Listen at the TOP of the HOUR all this weekend long B93 for the new Bruno Mars and Anderson Pak song and also the new joint from Tyga!

Skate by Bruno Mars And Anderson Pak!

Yep, the follow up to the #1 smash 'Leave The Door Open' is finally out. Man, we have been waiting for a follow up single since they released the 1st one. 'Leave the Door Open' was such a smash and everybody was anticipating the next song. Well, it's here. And, because 'Leave The Door Open' was a SLOW JAM, I was definitely anticipating that the follow up would be more up-tempo. And, it is, just not as up-tempo as you might think.


Look, it's very obvious that the feel of all the songs is going to be very OLD SCHOOL R&B, I'm talking 70's sound. And, I'm here for the party.  I LOVE the fact that 'Skate' sounds like a jam you would here back in the day in the 70's. And, yes at a skating rink maybe. This song has such a great GROOVE to it. The tempo for me has a  very smooth and mid-tempo feel. The song also sounds very 'happy'. How can you not smile and groove along with this song?

Props to Bruno mars and Anderson Pak for giving us something very different form what's on the radio these days and giving us some 'Old School' nostalgia. I'm ready to lace up my Roller Skates!

What do you think of the new song!


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