Today's random holiday is National Jelly Bean Day! I think it is safe to say that for the most part, we all love jelly beans but not all jelly beans are created equal. And whereas back in the day many of us only enjoyed jelly beans at certain times of the year such as Easter or Halloween many probably enjoyed some black licorice jelly beans, that is so not the case anymore. 

Jelly beans are all over the place and have even become more popular with certain themes. I remember Harry Potter jelly beans were flying off the shelves at one point and then disgusting flavor jelly beans were all the rage. I have to admit I did get my hands on some of those because you could play a game with them forcing friends and family members to try nasty flavors like vomit, salt and pepper and even snot-flavored jelly beans. Good times!

I decided to do a deep dive into jelly bean flavors and which ones are the most popular because ever since I was introduced to the buttered popcorn flavor, I've been hooked! That happens to be my favorite and surprisingly among the top 3 favorite for many.

Photo by Sneha Chekuri on Unsplash
Photo by Sneha Chekuri on Unsplash


Americans love their jelly beans and in terms of the most popular flavors the top 3 are:

1. black licorice

2. buttered popcorn

3. cinnamon

So what are Texans favorite flavors? Pretty much the same 3 but in a different order:

1.buttered popcorn

2. cinnamon

3. black licorice

This jelly bean lover will gladly let you have all the black licorice-flavored jelly beans and I will take your buttered popcorn! Which is your favorite?

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