With the Government vaccine mandate in place that forces businesses with over 100 employees, Government workers, and businesses who hold Government contracts to require all to be vaccinated in order to come to work... We thought it would be interesting to take a look to see who the top 25 Employers in Texas are, where they're based, and how many employees they have here in the Lonestar State. These are just the top of the list of companies who will be affected by the latest mandates:

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25. Fluor

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Fluor, the Global Engineering and Construction company based in Irving, Texas makes the list at #25 with 53,349 employees.

24. Halliburton

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The 24th largest employer in Texas is Halliburton--based in Houston with 55,000 employees.

23. Brinker International

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Based in Coppell, Brinker International--one of the leading companies in the restaurant business--comes in at number #23 with 57,906 employees.

22. Southwest Airlines

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One of the nation's largest airlines--Southwest--makes the list at number 22. Southwest has 58,803 employees.

21. Social Security Administration

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Number 21 belongs to the Social Security Administration. Based in Bryan, they have 60,000 employees.

20. Sysco

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Food Service giant Sysco is number 20 on our list of Texas' largest employers. Sysco has 66,500 employees and is based in Houston.

19. Essilor Of America

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Essilor Of America makes the list at number 19. Manufacturing lenses in Dallas with 69,000 employees.

18. Exxon Mobile

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Exxon Mobile, based in Irving is in at number 18 with 71,100 employees.

17. Jacobs Engineering Group

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Dallas' own Jacobs Engineering Group enters the list at number 17 with 80,000 employees.

16. Shell Petroleum

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Texas' Top 25 employers with over 100 people affected by the vaccine mandate include number 16--Shell Petroleum. Based in Houston, Shell employs 82,000 people.

15. Whole Foods Market

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The number 15 employer on our list, with 91,000 employees is Whole Foods Market, based in Austin.

14. NEC Corporation Of America

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NEC Corporation--the Digital / Communications / Internet Company based in Irving--employs 99,000 people, making it the number 14 company on the list.

13. Schlumberger

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The 13th Largest Employer in Texas affected by the vaccine mandate Schlumberger. The Houston-based oilfield services company employs 100,000 people.

12. H-E-B

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Technically--it's a tie--but we'll call H-E-B the 12th largest employer in Texas as they also employ 100,000 people. Based in San Antonio, this grocery giant is tied with Schlumbegrer.

11. JC Penney

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The number 11 company on our list employs 106,000 people. It's Plano, Texas' own JC Penney.

10. Tenet Healthcare

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We're into the Top 10 with Dallas' Tenet Healthcare, Tenet employs 115,500 people that will have to get the vaccine.

9. Livestock Investors

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This is Texas' Top 25 Employers who are affected by the Government Mandate to have everyone vaccinated to be able to come to work... And number 9 is Hereford-based Livestock Investors, employing 125,000 people.

8. American Airlines

NurPhoto via Getty Images

American Airlines is our number 8 company on the list of Texas' Top 25 employers--based in Fort Worth and employing 126,600 people. I had to include a commercial from my childhood days because as soon as I saw their name--"Doing What We Do Best" popped into my head. I think their current slogan is "One Mile At A Time" or something like that. But this will always be in my head when I hear "American Airlines".

7. Electronic Data Systems

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The number 7 company on our list is Electronic Data Systems of Plano, with a workforce of 136,000. H. Ross Perot's former company, once owned by GM.

6. Dell

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Computer giant DELL is the number 6 company making the list of Texas' top 25 employers with a staff over 100 that'll be affected by the vaccine mandate. Dell employs 145,000 people and they're based in Round Rock.

5. Carlson Restaurants

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On we go to the Top 5-and in at number 5 is a restaurant I wish we had here in the Midland-Odessa area--TGI Fridays. One of my favs. They are number 5 with 175,000 employees.

4. Keller Williams Realty

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Number 4 is Keller Williams Realty--with 180,000 employees. Based in Austin, this is who MY agent works for when we bought our house in Midland 14 months ago.

3. AT & T

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The number 3 company on the list is a very familiar name in telecommunications-AT & T. Based in Dallas-they employ 273,210 people.

2. Pizza Hut

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Number 2 of the top 25 employers here in Texas is Pizza Hut--based in Plano, they employ 300,000.

1. Foxconn Assembly LLC, Houston TX

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AND--the Number One Employer in Texas--the topper of the Top 25--is none other than Foxconn Assembly LLC, Houston. The computer and equipment manufacturer employs 803,126 people.

All of these employers will have to follow suit and mandate the Covid-19 vaccine for all employees, with the only exemptions being for health or religious reasons.

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