So, the other day I shaved my BEARD for the first time since being with my wife and SHE was NOT HAPPY! She said I should have asked her or given her a heads up before doing it. Did I really NEED to ask her for permission?  Did I do something wrong here?


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Altering your appearance.... YES!

I can get where she’s coming from I do not like the way my man looks without his beard so I can feel why she’s upset and plus he knows better lol he better not 😂😂
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Jenn E Carrillo
You don’t need to ask for permission but maybe a warning would have been good. I know I would want a warning if my girl wanted to shave her hair.

Who the hell shaves their beard! 🙄🙄

Nope you don't need to ask for permission, or give a warning, if you love your partner and they feel like they want to do something with their appearance to make themselves feel good your job is to support them.
You want to be accepted for who you are but won't accept him for who he is. That's clearly what happened.

I think you should ask her opinion but it’s obviously her opinion doesn’t matter but I don’t think you need her permission.

Now, if he popped up with brand new tattoos, even one weeks old and never say nothing, drop em like a bad habit, but a beard?!?! Cmon!


Why are women like this . If a man shaves his beard etc some get mad but if a man tells you to wear or not wear makeup they tend to get offended. Almost the same thing . I think it's your body do as you please.


Well would she ask his permission before cutting her hair or something like that if not she shouldn’t expect him to but in the long run nobody should think they get to tell someone how to groom them self it not anyone’s decision but the person doing it


You don’t need permission, but if that’s all she’s known she was attracted to you with it. So shock and needing to get used to it are welcomed feelings. But if she loves you then the beard really doesn’t matter. BUT a heads up wouldn’t been nice. It’s … See more


Would you mind if she was to bald her head? Lol 😆 Would she need to warn you before lol.


Did she marry you or your beard? Maybe you should've asked her if she liked the beard more before you married her and ruined your life brother.

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