We've all heard about the silly teen fads like planking and hallway swimming but let's get serious for a minute because I read about this on Yahoo and felt it was something I needed to share with other parents.

Behind the mic, I am a mother, who cares about my children's safety and when I hear of dangerous 'fads' like this I can't stay silent about it. This is just plain dumb and dangerous and I feel it's important to pass on so that we can be aware of what our children are facing.

Here are some of the dangers of this 'Cinnamon Challenge:'

  • Cinnamon does not dissolve and can damage throat and lungs
  • it is especially dangerous for those with asthma and lung problems because it can block the airways
  • in many cases according to ABC News, it has sent many children to the hospital

In cases like this, it is very important to talk to your children about how dangerous this trend is and how not to succumb to peer pressure. If you need tips on how to discuss these serious issues with your children, click here: