Leo AND Rebecca Buzz Question - So I have 2 roomates and all of us three been living in this house for a while. Well, the last 2 months by COUSIN has been staying with us. My other roomates came to me the other day and said ITS TIME FOR HER TO START PAYING RENT OR PAYING BILLS OR SOMETHING. She stays in my room and really doesn't bother anyone. I say she's UNDER my TAB and my part that I pay... but they want her to start paying. I feel like if she doesn't have her own room and stuff, she really shouldn't at this point. What do you think?

Heres What The 432 Had To Say About It!

Maxine Barriga
Does she even have a job ... she needs to contribute how can she feel right about what she is doing as well as yourself don’t enable the situation just because she’s fam.

Elizabeth Saenz
See how you'd feel if they also brought in one person each. Bet you'd complain then.

Erin Jammer
She should contribute a little. But if ur part is getting paid then what's the problem

Jennifer M Perez
Can’t live nowhere free ur cuzzn needs to pay something

Tina Marie Dingman
If she got 3 hots and a cot she need to pay!

Sammy Castaneda
Every adult gotta pay up

Becky Lola
Yup, she needs to pitch in.

Tessa Rowell
Staying over a few nights verses living there is very different.

Enceladus Soulis
Haters gon hate

Delilha Chavez
I say the request is fair. She is running extra water every time she showers, cooks, washes even uses the toilet. Offer something to compensate the fourth person. Especially if this is long term (more than a couple months). At least an extra $100 a mon… See More

Sabrina Torrez
She definitely needs to contribute something

Chuy Mendoza
Ass,grass, or cash

Jennifer Lee Sanchez
I think she should contribute on utilities and groceries.

Dee Uson
I can understand both perspectives. Some people can have a cell phone, a car, insurance but can not afford rent or a mortgage. I have kids that were in the same predicament, so they lived with me for a year to save up and then they all got their own … See More

Stacie DeLeon King
You're wrong. She needs to pay a portion.

Esme Charles
If she's been living there then it's only fair that she pays too.

Cindy Bustamante
She should contribute to the rent/bills. A couple of days or weeks is a guest. A couple of months, that's a permanent roommate. It's only fair.

Mario Juarez
Call Danny Tanner and ask him how he did it ...he literally had a "Full House"

Eric Holguin
Gas, grass or ass! 😎

Top Fan
Efren Valenzuela
This is why I live alone!!

Jessica Anchondo
Ya she gotta pay something even if it's the electric bill can't just stay somewhere for free

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