Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Okay, I really just want to make sure my man is not the only one....MY MAN ALWAYS MEESES UP MY ORDER when he goes out to grab us some food. I will tell him what I want and more than NOT he always seems to mess up some part of it. I've written it down, I've even been on the phone with him while he's there ordering. LOL  Anybody else deal with this? And do you just laugh it off?

Here is what the 432 had to say about it!

Joann Subia
My husband has a bad memory so he always has us text our order so he doesn’t mess it up

Ashley Ortiz
Who’s this?

Yeah, my man is always doing this. So, I don't let him order anymore. I actually do the ordering now. Use online ordering so he doesn't have to order in person. This will take away his responsibility of actually making the order.

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