Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So the other day I go up to my girlfriends's apartment and I notice she has a room with a bunch of STUFF in it that hasn't been opened. I ask her what is all this stuff and she says...'OH IT'S ALL THE STUFF I'M BUYING FOR OUR FUTURE APARTMENT OR HOUSE" Um, WHAT? We have never talked about moving in with each other or anything like that. Ain't gonna LIE , threw me off! And NOW I'm SPOOKED! For real. LOL Why she moving too fast and WHAT do I do now? I am NOT at that point in this relationshiop like she is.

Here is what the 432 had to say about it!
Chon Rodriguez
It depends on how long you been seeing her? A couple of weeks two soon... if you been seeing her for over four months and you ain’t thinking of your future with her then leave the relationship. Why have a Girlfriend if the end goal isn’t move in and ma…

Joann Subia
Ummm don’t worry about it. She’s getting her shit together for her future with or without you.

Mario Juarez
He should do the same and buy high performance parts for their future mini van .....refuse to go slow!! .... remember, you can still be fast and the family!!

Lupita Marquez-Blanco
If you aint ready someone else will be

Ray Ray
Don't hate o her. She is just exctied about the possiblity of having a futre with you. Whether it happens or not, don't be mad at her.

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