Buzz Question - Recently MY ex has sent me at least 4 text that he says were accidentally sent to me. The text aren't bad or anything. The text are obviously for his new girl, but c'mon. My girls say he's doing it on purpose. Is he?

Here Is What People Are Saying It About?

Yes he ex husband did this for forever...just ignore them..he wants a reaction incase he wants to come back..

Of course he is. Block this moron's # and be done with him.

I need more info like what he said

send a pic of a good looking guy and text this his him and be like oops that was supposed to be for my bbf lol that'll put an end to it

Hes doing it on purpose. block him..

Absolutely doing it on purpose!

Absolutely he is doing it on purpose!!!! He just wants a reaction to see if u still care and possibly get jealous. Seems like he wants the drama but don't do it he is obviously not worth it if yall aren't together anymore.

“Oops I didn’t mean to send that” are NOT accident texts. He did it on purpose to get under your skin.

Could be, or it could be that he's trying to make you jealous by showing you he has a new chick. BUT, if you were really not interested, it wouldn't matter. Clearly, you are interested on some level because you are entertaining him. It's 2023 sis. If you're not into it, you can block his whole number from your phone. Problem solved.

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