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Getting married next year and my soon to be wife just threw this out. We are in the middle of wedding plans and she told me the other day that her parents want us to get married in their HOMETOWN. Well, we already have plans to get married here in my hometown, but her family wants us to get married in hers. So, she wants us to have 2 weddings, one there and one here. And, she wants them to happen about 3 weeks apart. Full weddings. Church, reception, Dance Hall the whole thing. I feel this isn't coming from my bride but her family. Help, suggestions because I can only deal with 1 wedding!

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IDE run!! Lmao. Why can’t the family’s come together like normal weddings do?

This is a glimpse of the type of family you're marrying into. Good luck, bruh. You're gonna need it.


Nope. Maybe compromise and do 1 in the middle, but not 2. Or if the venue is already paid for, sorry not sorry.

That's a no

Absolutely Not, nope, no, No Way, No Chance, Ryan Reynolds and popbuzz

Grow a backbone and say No!

Forget it, Elope in Vegas and save your $$!

Meet in the middle? Is that an option? Or say forget it and have a destination wedding so no one’s hometown is involved. ‍♀️

Stupid and a half

Who paying for the wedding? Wedding one town reception in the other.

Smh they can pay for the wedding in her hometown!!! I'm sure y'all spending a pretty penny for them to assume you can double the expense

Her family paying for it?

One wedding wherever she’s wants…done.

I would just do 1 wedding and then a big wedding bash for the other family.

I guess her family is gonna run ur household! If you can't put ur foot down now, ur going to have problems with ur inlaws always up in the mix

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