Leo and Rebecca BUZZ Question - My BOYFRIEND moved in...and I Kicked out his dog! I didn't grow up with dogs and I'm allergic to dogs. I found a good home for him, but I feel my MAN resents me for this. Was I harsh in this whole situation?

Heres what the 432 had to say about it!

Linda Ontiveros Wafer
I would find my dog and move out
· Reply · · 58m
Chelsea Garrett
Yep like Villarreal said....humans are assholes. And like Ricky said...i resent you if he doesn't. But dude gotta man up. You don't like my dogs then we can't be together
· Reply · · 1h
Xavier Lamar Anders
I wouldn't have moved in. That's on him
· Reply · · 1h

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Deanna Marie Muro
Yes. Why not just leave the dog outside, give him the yard and you stay inside. That's just a _____ move on your part. Good luck keeping him
· Reply · · 32m
Cisco Castillo
· Reply · · 1h
Leemon Perez
Yeah you should find the dog and bring him back he was there before you and should respect that cause imagine how the dog feels being with his new owners and and myself as a female whos to say your going to last but the dog will never abandon his owner… See More
· Reply · · 37m
Jenn E Carrillo
Wow!! She got rid of the wow wow?!? He is just as much to blame as her.
· Reply · · 59m
Ricky Barrientes
· Reply · · 1h

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Heather Cadena Fuentes
He shouldn’t have moved in. Most people love their dogs like they love their kids.
· Reply · · 41m
Mike Perez
He chose V over his D?
You got yourself a girlfriend not a man!
· Reply · · 1h · Edited
Ricky Barrientes
Dogs are part of the family. I hope you get a bald spot on the front of your head. I resent you even if he doesn't.
· Reply · · 1h
Monica Dominguez
Was this discussed before he moved in? It kind of sounds like she decided afterwards to kick the poor dog out! If so, she's cold!!!
· Reply · · 42m
Mario Juarez
A crazy cowboy told me once ... You only get one good dog and one good wife ....I'm keeping my dog ..it's like me telling any woman out here with kids ...oh I'll find a happy home for your kiddos because I don't have any
· Reply · · 1h · Edited

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Ana Torres
I personally love dogs. So getting rid of my dog is out of the question. I feel like she did all she could on her end and if he's going to resent her he should move out and get his pet back lol easy fix here.
· Reply · · 1h
Tina Marie Dingman
· Reply · · 1h
Dustin Conklin
Damn thats . Couldn't even put the little guy outside with a do house. I would be deuces.
· Reply · · 1h
Jennifer Mason
He should rehome you and get the dog back
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Justin Cotton
Already running his life, didn't even give it a chance!
· Reply · · 1h
Misti Maria Trevino
Idk what lady did this but I don’t like her.

· Reply · · 1h
Delilha Chavez
Aww.. maybe just a little. It depends. Did he agree to it before he moved in? Or did u force him into afterwards? I get not having dogs inside. However, he already had the dog. Maybe even before he had you. But again if he agreed then I guess it was wo… See More
· Reply · · 1h · Edited

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Efren Valenzuela
Hell yes he is!! You kicked his best friend out his life!
· Reply · · 24m
Christel Yvette
· Reply · · 1h
Maggie McCoy
Sucks for the dog. If he knew you were allergic and agreed, than that’s on him. But if not. You are not very nice. Animals are part of the family.
· Reply · · 1h
Villarreal Nora
He shouldn't have moved in. I feel sorry for the dog. Humans are assholes
· Reply · · 1h · Edited

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Bee Ninetythree
· 1h
Dezrae Bramble
If her boyfriends reading this run now dude

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