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Missing for over 40 years, missing Texas baby, 'Hollie', has just been found alive and well.

Her name is Hollie Marie Clouse ( also listed as Holly) and we can only begin to imagine what she must have felt when authorities informed her that she is actually the daughter of a murdered couple found dead 40 years ago in Houston.

Her parents, Tina Gail Linn Clouse and Harold Dean Clouse Jr were victims of a double murder in the early 1980s. Hollie, who was just a little over one at the time of her parent's murders, was nowhere to be found.

That is until now.

Hollie, now a mother of five living in Oklahoma, has been found safe and sound.

But wait. How is she alive? Who raised Hollie Clouse?

Due to the sensitivity of the ongoing investigation, details of who raised Hollie and why her parents were murdered have not been released yet, but what we do know is that her parents were from Florida and had traveled to West Texas before their families lost contact with them, only learning about their murder two years ago.

Here is the back story.

Hollie's parents' remains were discovered in 1981 but were not identified until 2021. Thanks to advanced DNA technologies and the progressive work of Identifinders International working with authorities such as the Texas Attorney Generals' Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit finding Hollie, if she was indeed alive became a priority.

Hollie has been located and reunited with her biological family just a few days ago.

According to the Texas Attorney General's office, the Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit were established in 2021 due in part to help with the reported "270,000 unsolved homicides in the United States and approximately 20,072 unsolved homicides in the state of Texas."

Just a month ago, this video was shared on Youtube thanks to KHOU11 to help spread the word Texas was looking for Hollie. Incredible work and we can only imagine an incredible homecoming for these families.

We will keep you updated on this developing story.

Everyone has questions, but no one is likely more inquisitive than Hollie herself.

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