In-fighting and serious allegations among Juice Wrld's camp have made their way to the internet.

On Wednesday (June 8), Juice Wrld's engineer-producer Max Lord hopped on Twitter and came to the defense of the rapper's girlfriend Ally Lotti, who recently made her own claims about Juice's posthumous music being mishandled and raised allegations against the rapper's label. Max started off by saying he doesn't think Lil Bibby, cofounder of Juice's label Grade A Productions, is involved in the dissension. According to Max, he and Bibby have been trying to move forward in a better way.

"Needed to respond to some defaming tweets, and address my support for [Ally Lotti]. We Love you Juice, and something needs to change," Max captioned the post on Twitter. XXL has reached out to Max Lord and confirmed the posts are from him.

"This @chasemasta kid is working directly with grade a; [George 'G Money' Dickinson] and [Peter Jideonwo] to cause distrust and chaos in the juice wrld community," Max shared in a series of screenshots of phone notes. "He is randomly speaking on things that are verbatim out of the mouths on private phone calls between us."

Max continued, "They called me in March 2020 threatening me to give them my recording equipment, demanding I come set it up at their house and leave it there, which wasn't even very much gear at the time. I'm sure they can afford the 8k worth of equipment, much [of] which I built and modded myself because I actually know what it even is. It seems like they are trying to smear my name in relations to Juice to get me out of their way."

The engineer, who's a member of the production collective 808 Mafia and has worked with Juice on many albums for much of his career as well as other artists like Migos, went on to claim "they," presumably G Money and Pete, asked him to allegedly get rid of illegal firearms only to change their minds. He then claims they "raided" a home he was staying looking for Juice Wrld's jewelry.

"I left that house as soon as I heard the news of Juice's death out of fear for my safety from them, on the advice of my attorney," he added. "I left behind what belonged to Juice. Which wound up in their possession."

Max then addressed claims allegedly previously made by Chase stating Max stole from Juice and purposely botched a Gunna feature appearing on the latest posthumous project Fighting Demons.

"This @chasemasta kid is a pawn they let come hang out for a couple weeks to help disrupt the juice fan community to ensure every time you listen to Juice Wrld they get paid," Max continued. "They want me out of their way, discredited, so they can continue to have their way" he added. "These open threats of violence against me from Grade A, posted on Chase's Twitter, this stuff is absurd. They're openly threatening to kill me. They've stolen firearms from me. They've threatened me with them. We've gotten in physical altercations because Juice didn't like beats G Money tried to have him record on the day before he passed away, that he would profit from. With Ally coming [out] about these sorts of things, I owe it to her and Jarad to back her up here and speak out on this."

"I do everything in my power to fight for Juice. For his music and legacy to be what he would want and not be trampled over by greed and corruption. Love Live Juice Wrld," he closed.

Grade A partner and COO Peter Jideonwo has since responded to Max's claims. In the comments of an Instagram blog post from @wrldslump about the situation he typed, "I met chase for the first time yesterday. If I'm lying God strike me down. So this is cap."

"Cap Lord," Pete added in a follow-up comment further discrediting Max's statements.

Pete from Grade A responds to allegations
unnecessaryballing via Instagram

XXL has reached out to Peter Jideonwo, G Money and Chase for comment.

Max's claims came a few days after someone leaked a private Instagram Story video from Juice Wrld's girlfriend Ally Lotti, where she alleged there is more to the rapper's death than has been made public. Juice Wrld died from an accidental drug overdose in December of 2019.

"I've been quiet for the last year-and-a-half-plus, to myself," Lotti said in the video. "Took myself away from everyone because I knew what was going to happen. If people knew what happened the day before Jarad passed, and the day that Jarad passed and everything like that, which I cannot speak upon at this moment. But I will. I will. I just have to make sure that I am safe."

"Know you guys have my full support," Lotti continued. "I cannot let Jarad's legacy be what it is. Jarad would never treat any of his fans like this..."

She added, "It's always been about money and Jarad made enough money to not have this issue."

Lil Bibby appeared to address Lotti's claims while responding to a Twitter user about Juice's posthumous music.

"This is not an easy job," Bibby tweeted. "Ppl making crazy allegations and saying hurtful things. I want to put out music because I know that’s what Juice wanted and I know the fans want it. But I sometimes want to quit."

Juice Wrld's upcoming third posthumous album, The Party Never Ends, has suffered from a number of leaks. Back in March, Bibby threatened to abort the project if the music kept prematurely ending up on the internet.

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