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Guys, about to propose to my girlfriend and ask her to MARRY ME! And, I want do it at the place I met her, which is at I-Hop!  I ran this by a couple of friends and some of them straight up told me that MAYBE I should choose something a little more romantic. They were not IMPRESSED at the idea of dong it at I-Hop. Just wanting some thoughts ...what do you think, I really don't want to mess this up!


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Ray Ray

Yes, do it at I-Hop. I think it's very cool and that place means something to you both. That's all that matters.


I think if you do it the right way that doing it at I-Hop is a perfect place to do it. It's not about WHERE you do it but HOW you do it!

I mean you take her on a ihop date and then afterwards take her somewhere else romantic to propose.

It is your Decision not everyone else

Yes then order her pancakes

Hide the ring in a stack of flapjacks my boi.


Do what makes you happy bro! who cares what society thinks, at the end of the day your being romantic and remembering a significant day when yall met. Honestly if she loves you doesn't matter where you propose she's gonna be happy!

If you do, you better make sure she's fed first. I have found that the female perception of the sweetness of a gesture, greatly depends on if you have fed the creature recently or not. Step lightly my friend. Make your move slowly, and after pancakes.

Honestly it should not matter where you propose to her, if she loves you unconditionally she is going to love you PERIOD! You also know her best and if this will be something that is a loving memory for both of you, than go for it! And it doesn’t matte… See more

You know your gf, so don’t worry about anyone else. Idk why it needs to be some massive display that happens these days. It’s between you and her and maybe pancakes not the town, state, or world. Do you!!!!!!

Do youyou know her best

My husband proposed in the movie theater parking lot where we first met up for our first date! He had family and friends waiting to watch and then he had an engagement dinner planned at a local Italian restaurant right afterwards! It was so sweet! (… See more

Dude it has a special meaning to you guys. Do what means something to you

That's no romantic place you can do better for her

I've seen a guy proposing at a golden corral, as long as the food good there is all that matters

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