Ok be real, on a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend someone moving to the Permian Basin? For those of us who have been here pretty much our whole lives, we probably are a strong 6 but for the transplants who came here from bigger cities, and discovered what it's really like, I'm thinking a solid 1 1/2 is all you're getting. lol

We recently asked Midland-Odessa listeners to give us their best reasons to move to Midland-Odessa but with a twist. Wrong answers only! We got over 500 comments and I absolutely have to share a few.


*Isaiah says-

the air quality is fantastic!

And the roads are so smooth, it’s almost like they’re made of glass!
*Jason puts in his 2 cents-nice roads to cruise through the wonderful scenery, good friendly people too!
*Arlene-Great place to raise a family, there’s perfect examples at every game room
*Rebecca-Definitely for the green grass and trees I mean they are just breath taking.

*Vianey-One of the BEST malls in Texas!!

*Cecelia-Wait time is minimal in restaurants!
*Jim-Because the weather is so nice. And there are so many nice lakes around for family outings!
*Mia-No crime, great schools, amazing healthcare and most professional / friendliest customer service! Seasonal rivers in town, and the newest roads- you won’t see any potholes here!!
*Phillip-Predictably pleasant weather and rainfall.
*Aaron-Best tap water in the state
*Linda-I moved here because I love to go sail fishing and mountain hiking!!
*Sandy-It's so clean here, never see any trash. Just breathtaking
*Calvin-Everyone and I mean everyone uses their turn signals!

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