Grayson Pickett is a precious, energetic, typical 11-year-old boy who as of January of this year along with his family received some devastating news. Grayson has been diagnosed as having Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Since January Grayson has been admitted to the hospital 4 times, three of which have been extended stays in the PICU unit. 

This cannot be easy for any family to process but more so for a child of such a young age. Since the beginning of the year, Grayson has suffered from complications including a brain bleed at the back of his brain, a blood clot at the top of his brain, an enlarged kidney, and high blood pressure. That is simply too much for a sweet, innocent young boy to have to endure.

Before his diagnosis, Grayson was on the competitive dive team at COM Midland and active in Boy Scouts. Grayson's recovery will be an extensive process and is expected to span the better part of 2 years. Let us come together as the supportive, compassionate community that we are and try to help Grayson and his family fight this battle with donations and support.


*Saturday June 8th Cornhole Tournament

*Hogan Park



*Auction Items

This event will benefit 11-year-old Midland native Grayson Pickett's medical expenses. The entry fee for the cornhole tournament is $50 for each individual so get signed up today! Attached is the flyer to donate or register for the event. Also, you may contact these individuals for more info.

Sara Graves             575-942-1999
Laura Camp             432-599-1369
Megan Everett          910-467-5020

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