Who's the best, Lebron or Michael? The problem in this question isn't the question itself. The problem is that the question is too vague. What determines "the best"? Until you define what makes someone the best then you'll just argue back and fourth for eternity. Allow me to shed light on the situation.

First, Michael Jordan is HANDS DOWN THE BEST. You can quote hard facts all day long. I get it. Lebron did this, Michael did that, Carl Malone hit me with a whiffle ball bat. Blah blah blah blah. Here's what determines "The Best" in my opinion. Who makes people who don't watch sports, want to watch sports more?

Lebron while an amazing athlete, doesn't hold a candle to the feeling you get when you watch Michael do what he does best. My ex wife had never seen a single highlight a few years back. She hates basketball. After 2 minutes into a MJ reel she was in awe and just hypnotized with her mouth gaping open in amazement. Needless to say, Lebron just didn't have the same effect.

Here's a great highlight reel of Michael Jordan's best moments. Put this up against ANY Lebron James compilation. Tell me you aren't a believer now.


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