There aren't many people especially in the state of Texas that don't love Mexican food. Any place that kicks off your experience with chips and salsa on the table is obviously off to a great start. But there is one place in Fort Worth that has been serving up delicious Tex-Mex since 1935 and it's so well known that often times you will see big time celebrities stopping by to grab a bite to eat. Joe T. Garcia's has been filling plates and satisfying appetites for years which is why it's not shocking to see big time athletes, musicians, and celebrities there.

If you've never been to Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth you should try to stop in, it's perfect before spending a night at the Stockyards. The food is the same as it has been for years because the recipes have been passed down for generations, plus their amazing outdoor patio seating is a huge highlight for all that stop by for yummy Mexican food.

What Celebrities Have Visited the Popular Mexican Restaurant in Fort Worth?

Being in Texas you would assume that many Country musicians come by like Miranda Lambert and Parker McCollum which both are featured below but tons of other celebs stop by too. Including big actors such as Sam Elliott and Owen Wilson. Professional athletes like Emmitt Smith and Jordan Spieth are also known to frequent Joe T. Garcia's.

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If You Visit Joe T. Garcia's And See Someone Famous, Act Normal

If you visit the popular Mexican restaurant as see someone famous remember they are trying to enjoy a meal too. Don't interrupt their experience so you can get a few likes on a picture for social media. You can still brag to your friends without disrupting their experience.

Now look through all the pictures of the celebs who have been photographed at Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth.

Celebs at Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth

Here is a look at some of the celebs who have stopped into the popular Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas.

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