Megan Thee Stallion recently had the internet abuzz after posting some impressive twerk videos on Instagram that went viral.

Megan is currently touring overseas in Europe. Last night (June 28), she posted video of herself turning up and twerking for the camera in some awe-inspiring clips. In the videos, Megan is in a room with several people, one of whom appears to be her boyfriend Pardison Fontaine. She's wearing a pair of very short red shorts. She bends over in front of an arm of a chair and makes her considerable cakes wobble acapella while being egged on by the camera operator and the other people in the room.  As her cheeks undulate quickly, Meg even gives her rapidly wiggling wagon some two-handed slaps. In another video she gives a female friend a lap dance.

"All home grown from da mf soufffff," Meg captioned the video.

The video had Megan Thee Stallion trending on Twitter, with many people impressed with the rapper's ability to make her backside give a standing ovation.

"I don’t even feel comfortable uploading my twerk videos when Megan Thee Stallion exists…. I’m not going out sad ✌," one Twitter user posted.

"Call Me What You Want But I Watched @theestallionTwerk Video At Least 10 Times," an unabashed fan added.

"If God allows me to find a girl that can twerk half as good as Megan Thee Stallion, I will go to church every Sunday for the rest of my life," someone else posted.

This isn't the first time recently that Megan Thee Stallion has gone viral for video of her having a good time. Back in May, video of her dancing wildly with Pardison had the internet going nuts.

See the videos of Megan Thee Stallion twerking that almost broke the internet and the responses on social media below.

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