When marrying someone who has kids from a previous relationship, it's typically expected to embrace them as your own. Unfortunately, not all stepparents do.

One woman was slammed online after she declared she didn't want her stepchildren to attend a family gathering.

She shared that her side of the family had arranged a small gathering for her grandmother's wedding anniversary, with "only close family" invited.

But when her husband asked if he could bring his children from a previous relationship as his ex had plans that day, the woman became "pissed off."

"They barely know my gran or majority of my family (only spent time with my parents on occasion) and I feel bad asking at such short notice to bring two extra people to a small gathering," she wrote via parenting forum Mumsnet. "My mom was saying she thinks my gran might worry about having enough food for everyone because she was already saying she hopes she has enough etc."

She noted she told her husband that his kids couldn't come, but he said that it was unfair and that his kids should automatically be invited to any family gathering.

"I'd agree with it if it were his family but it's not and it's not even just that but the last minute-ness of it," she continued. "He either needs to tell his ex sorry but he can't because he has plans or stay home with them which is a shame considering he's known about this for ages and it's for my gran and grandpa."

In the comments, users were outraged, chastising the woman for not allowing her stepchildren to be at the soiree.

"I am struggling to see how you have stepchildren that don't know your family well enough to be invited in the first place. You do realize that stepchildren are part of your family. If you are concerned about the food situation, make some sandwiches/sausage rolls/chili etc. and take it with you as a contribution," one person wrote.

"They aren't just two random people your husband has invited, they're his kids. Maybe use this as an opportunity for your family (and you maybe) to get to know them better. Bring some extra food so you're not putting anyone out, another commented.

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