Ma$e is clapping back at Diddy in response to the Bad Boy CEO claiming Ma$e owes him $3 million.

Hours after The Breakfast Club aired their interview with Puff on Wednesday (Oct. 5), in which the hip-hop mogul said he had receipts to prove Ma$e is $3 million in debt to him, Ma$e went off on Instagram in response.

"How dare this nigga talk about he want receipts," Ma$e snapped. "Let's start with your mother, nigga. Your mother got the receipts, nigga. Everything is in your mother name. That's the one who got the receipts, nigga."

He continued, "You need more proof, nigga. Biggie ain't here, so Biggie can't give you no receipts, he dead. Craig Mack can't give you receipts. He dead. What are you talking about? Who else? Black Rob can't give you receipts. He dead. And everybody else you made sign paperwork, so, they can't talk about what I'm talking about. I'm the only one with the guts to not sign it, nigga. Because I don't need the money. All money ain't good money. Remember that ... You know who to play with, nigga."

During Diddy's The Breakfast Club interview, he wanted to clear his name of the persistent complaints that he doesn't do right by his artists. The Love Records founder ended up going off on a tangent about Ma$e's constant allegations.

"Just in general, the Ma$e thing, I did one album with Ma$e. One album. How much money do you think I owe this guy," Puff said at the 46-minute mark of the sit-down in reference to Ma$e's debut 1997 album, Harlem World. "And then he became a fake pastor and went and conned people. And y'all gon' let him throw dirt on the god's name. Anybody can come and step up. Bring your receipts, but I'm not playing. I'm back outside and I'm fighting back for us. And I'm also doing some fighting back for me."

"Ma$e owes me $3 million," Diddy added, citing an advance he reportedly gave Ma$e for an album he didn't deliver on. "That's facts. I got the receipts."

Diddy and Ma$e's beef goes back nearly two decades, but recently resurfaced. In 2020, Ma$e claimed Diddy refused to accept his $2 million offer to buy back his publishing. The "Feel So Good" rapper has seemingly been on Puff's helmet ever since. Earlier this year, Ma$e put out the Diddy diss "Oracle 2: Standing on Bodies." He followed up with a rant about how Diddy was ruining his artists' lives.

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