Market Street herein the 432 is hiring! And, that's an awesome thing . In fact, you could join Leo and Rebecca today Thursday March 18th at Market Street at 4706 North Midkiff in Midland. We're going to be hanging out at one of our favorite places and that is Market Street. Yep, Market Street is hiring today and you could join us live today with a great opportunity. If you are looking to start your next career with an outstanding company then Market Street is the place for you.

Market Street in Midland is hiring full and part time positions storewide. And, the cool thing is they have flexible hours and opportunities for professional growth. What a great opportunity to come to Market Street today, talk to some of the people there and get an interview for your next career. It's happening at Market Street at 4706 North Midkiff Road in Midland today.

You probably hear me and Rebecca talk about Market Street/ United Supermarkets all the time. We are in love with our shopping experiences there. I mean every time we go in there we find the stuff that we love and the service from the team members there is awesome. They always help you find whatever you're looking for. We love the ready meals, convenience of shopping throughout the store, and great savings that we get.

I can definitely say  just walking around and interacting with the team members there at Market Street, who wouldn't want to be part of that team? So, if you or someone you know is interested make sure you tell them to head on out to Market Street at 4706 North Midkiff Road today for the Market Street hiring event to be part of this awesome team. See you there.


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