Last week's tragedies in Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights and Dallas are still very much on people's minds, with those in hip-hop continuing to add to the conversation with respect to police brutality, Black Lives Matter and actionable change. Lupe Fiasco took to Twitter on Saturday (July 9) to make a distinction though between poor decisions and poor character.

"Don't confuse bad decisions with racism," he wrote. "Don't confuse good decisions with racism...Conversations need to be pushed towards the accountability of decisions & away from the wild ambiguity of racism. If you are not a police officer and you need to have a gun to go outside, it's a sign that you need to stay in the house... black or white."

Lupe's point here is one of scope, saying that the actions of one or few aren't necessarily emblematic of a wider spread issue. While some may disagree, Lupe's argument is allowing for the sort of nuance that gets away from accusation making and generalizations. Read the rapper's tweets below, with a snippet to a new song titled "NGL" featuring Ty Dolla $ign a bit further down.

Figures within hip-hop have been extremely vocal in galvanizing their communities to enact serious change with Killer Mike saying on Atlanta radio that black consumers should be making conscious spending decisions to support businesses that support them and their causes. The Game and Snoop Dogg, meanwhile, organized a peaceful march in Los Angeles to foster better relations between the LAPD and residents.

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