I made a bucket list of the things people should do in Texas. A lot of people loved it. I also came across this gem that a Lubbock restaurant got a huge honor.

The Texas Bucket List was started by Lone Star Emmy & Regional Edward R. Murrow and Award-winning reporter Shane McAuliffe. They dedicate the show to show off everything in Texas.

He definitely has made a big following for himself and I was shocked and excited to see what Lubbock restaurant he picked to feature.

Flippers Tavern made it on the list. This place is so unique and fun. From its food to the drinks and games, it is a great spot for Lubbock.

Flippers Tavern
Flippers Tavern

Who would have thought there would be a pinball place with gourmet hot dogs?

He wrote about Fliipers saying, "The smell on this is unreal. It smells like the freshest hot dog I’ve ever smelled in my life, and I am going in for a bite. The sausage has a sensational flavor. It’s not overpowering at all. It is clean. It is fresh, and it’s perfect for the palate. The jalapenos add a great little hint of spice, but then those pickled vegetables, along with the cilantro, really blend together perfectly with that green curry brat, bringing out some bold flavor."

I definitely love all the food every time I go and yes I have had other things than hot dogs and it is all amazing.

Flippers Tavern is located at 1406 Ave Q, Lubbock, TX and you can find out more about them on their Facebook page.

You can read more about it or find out more about The Texas Bucket List here.

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