Today is Valentine's Day and for those not in a relationship, it can also be considered Singles Awareness Day! Proud singles are looking for love, hopefully in all the right places but sometimes looking for love comes in the form of searching on a singles site and that is perfectly ok but beware! Apparently, scammers are on those sites as well waiting for unsuspecting folks on this special day!

That's right. Unfortunately, scammers are using romance scams, according to the FBI, these scams tend to increase on this day:

In the U.S., $1.3 billion was lost to scammers last year. That’s a new record high, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). People reported $547 million in losses to romance scams in 2021, and $304 million in 2020.

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The theory behind this is that on Valentine's Day, single folks might be a little lonely and go searching on dating sites for a new friend or companion. Scammers take advantage of this and can spot the 'lonely' a mile away, they tend do be a bit more vulnerable and susceptible to scams. A 'dating Doc' out of San Antonio gives us the warning signs.


So, what you want to look for is if the online dating profile is written in all caps,” he said. “That’s a telltale sign. First off, you shouldn’t be talking to someone who writes in all caps.

The other thing you want to look at is if the photos are professionally done. We have had people reverse image a photo and find out that person’s real name and learn that person is married or lives somewhere else.”

The FTC says scammers often fake emergencies. They will claim to be in the hospital or in jail to pressure their victims into giving them money. The dating Doc calls this the sympathy ploy and says don't fall for it!

Other potential lies according to the dating Doc include, but are not limited to, claiming to be in the military, needing help with an important delivery, coming across money, or wanting to get married before meeting.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone but scammers!

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