Was checking out the MRT.com and they have an awesome article on Summer Camps in the 432.


I can remember taking my son to several summer camps throughout the years. Let me tell you, after hitting up the 1st summer camp he was hooked and ready to go. Every summer he would look forward to getting signed up for summer camps.

You know, you might think that for summer, kids just want to stay home, but that's not the case. My kid got bored and wanted some fun activities. And, the cool thing is that summer camps also allow them to hang out with friends and make new ones.

Aa for me when I was a kid, my SUMMER CAMP was the MANGERA! Yep, my mom would send me outside to play with the water hose. I loved it and would change it for one bit, but I wonder what kind of summer camps I would have loved as a kid.

There are so many different kinds of Summer Camps now.

Here is a list of camps mentioned in the MRT article, to get more info on a particular camp make sure to visit the website here! 

Summer Camps Mentioned In The Article

Museum of the Southwest.

Summer Theatre School at Midland Community Theatre

Petroleum Museum summer camps

The Studio Summer Art Camp,

The University of Texas Permian Basin

Bush Tennis Center Summer Sports Camp

Summer Camp at YMCA.

Kids’ College at Midland College

COM Aquatics will offer summer camps

Norman Elite’s summer camp

Camp in the City at First Baptist Church of Midland


Have fun this summer!

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