Like Nicki Minaj has already done, Lil Yachty now wants to get into the charitable act of helping college students with their tuition.

Lil Boat went on to Twitter on Sunday to announce he would “pay some tuitions this year.” The rapper tweeted, “I will be pay some tuitions this year… I’m gonna drop details very soon on how u can get in on this. I love u students.”

And for those that he can’t help with tuition payments, Yachty also has plans to take a “few lucky” families on a back to school shopping spree.

“Also, I wanna take a few lucky family’s back 2 school shopping. All information will be on my site. It’s time to give back. #sailingscholars.”

Yachty is also no stranger to the college life himself. Before becoming one of hip-hop’s rising stars, the “One Night” rapper attended Alabama State University but dropped out in 2015 to pursue music.

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