It's been a crazy week with the inauguration this week in America. It was a momentous occasion. Who knew a picture from the inauguration Pharaoh is the picture of Bernie Sanders ? Yep, Uncle Bernie's picture of him sitting alone at the inauguration this week went viral in a huge way. You have probably seen Bernie's picture everywhere, sitting everywhere. You name it, and Bernie is sitting there. I've seen Bernie seating at empty stadiums I've seen Bernie sitting on the bench with Forrest Gump. I've seen Bernie on album covers from way back when. You name it, and Bernie is sitting there this week. It's definitely the meme of the week.

aye aye images meme
aye aye images meme

I guess Bernie Sanders attended the inauguration by himself. And, it's not the fact that he was sitting by himself even though that helps the picture greatly. But, it was the fact that he was wearing some really cool mittens and all bundled up because obviously he was cold. But, him sitting there was a sight to see and somebody captured it with a picture. Well, that picture has now gone viral and so many people have used it to put Bernie everywhere and anywhere. Yes, look who has made an appearance on the morning show? I guess it's now Leo and Rebecca and Bernie in the morning . Why not? We love you Uncle Bernie! Now, I don't know how long this is going to last and it'll probably disappear by mid-week next week but, for now I'm sure you're going to see Uncle Bernie popping up everywhere this weekend, sitting there in his chair all bundled up with his mittens. You GO Bernie!

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