UPDATE (Dec. 5):

Kodak Black has responded to speculation that he was high on drugs during the viral reaction video to his single "Super Gremlin." Yesterday (Dec. 4), the South Florida rapper implied he was faking during the interview. "Lol I B Fakin Like I’m Sleepy," he wrote. "Ion B High Guys I Get Drug Tested Consistently."

Check out Yak's post below.


Kodak Black’s behavior during a recently released YouTube reaction video has the internet scratching its head.

On Dec. 3, a video was released of Kodak Black appearing on YouTubers Zias and B. Lou’s reaction video channel to annotate Kodak’s single “Super Gremlin,” which dropped last month. Multiple times during the video clip, Yak’s peculiar conduct left the hosts speechless.

Toward the start of the reaction video, Kodak says he’s “tied,” and the hosts assume that means he's tired. Kodak then gives a morbid explanation of what he actually meant. “Like tired, like he dead. They dead like flies. Flies everywhere when you dead,” Kodak says, followed by several seconds of awkward silence.

There is another early moment in the interview in which one of the hosts gushes over the momentous occasion of having the South Florida rapper on the channel only to have the “Tunnel Vision” rhymer weirdly stare off into space with little acknowledgment.

Throughout the sit-down, Kodak looks eerily at the camera. There are times when he's genuinely engaged, dancing and joking with the channel’s hosts. Then there are other moments in which he shakes inexplicably and appears to be nodding off.

The No Nut November participant’s strange behavior was not lost on people on social media, some of whom commented on the awkward interview. “Kodak Black looking like he just went through some CIA sleep deprivation torture,” one person tweeted.

“What's going on with Kodak Black?” another person added. “Man is on another plane of existence here. Hope he has some good people around him. This shit is sad.”

Someone else assumed the rapper was on drugs during the sit-down. “People think it’s funny to see Kodak fucked up on drugs, that dude really goat in the music industry and it’s hard to see em like this,” they posted. “Hope he come out of it fr.”

Check out the full Kodak Black reaction video below.

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