Kid Cudi is defending his right to change the cover art for his debut mixtape after receiving backlash from a fan for the swap.

On Monday (July 11), Kid Cudi shared the updated cover art for his debut mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi, which will be hitting streaming services for the fist time on Friday (July 15). The artwork for the tape is noticeably different. The original features Cudder's face behind spacey lettering. The new version shows a black-and-white photo of Cudi wearing a plaid shirt and backwards baseball cap as he sits on steps in front of a brick background.

"This photo was taken by Mel D Cole on 9.22.08 in NYC. Right before my life changed forever," Kid Cudi expounded on the photo in a follow-up post.

Not everyone was feeling the change. One fan commented, "I'm sorry cud but the og cover too iconic."

The Ohio artist seemed to take exception to the fan's opinion. Kid Cudi fired back, "Im sorry but that cover i never liked and this is way better to see me at that time. Some of yall be so stuck on the past and dont wanna see any change its really sad. This photo is as equally if not more iconic. Ur bogus."

Kid Cudi announced his breakout project, A Kid Named Cudi, would finally be coming to streaming services back in March. Originally released in July of 2008, the tape features the what would be his eventual hit single, "Day 'N Night," which is currently five-times platinum.

Cudi just released his greatest hits album, The Boy Who Flew to the Moon Vol .1, last Friday. His long-awaited new album, Entergalactic, is slated to drop on Sept. 30. Last month, Cudi announced his To The Moon Tour. He also recently announced his inaugural Moon Man's Landing Festival, which starts two weeks before the tour kicks off. Tickets to Kid Cudi's To The Moon World Tour can be purchased here.

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