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Imagine buying yourself a delicious meal and deciding that it's so nice outside that you should enjoy it outdoors. You and your friend grab some pool floaties to use as chairs, head outside and plop down on a floaty in the grass to eat your meal.

You set up your phone to film the innocent moment, capturing a nice evening with your friend so you can share it on social media. It's all innocent enough, but then, an angry woman comes stomping by, flip flops smacking along the sidewalk, as she glares at you while you carry on eating your food.

That is exactly what happened to @smitttttybackup, as shown in her video with nearly 1 million views. The craziness doesn't stop with the Karen stomping by the girls either.

I don't know about you, but I see nothing wrong with quietly eating on the grass while sitting in pool floaties. If anything, it's charming and I would complement the girls on their innovative thinking and maybe even ask if I could join them. They are minding their own business, enjoying their food and not bothering anyone.

Despite that being the way I view that situation, apparently the Karen that passed by the girls sitting on their floaties didn't think they were so innocent. Apparently, she found what they were doing so appalling and apparently illegal that she actually called the police on the girls.

I'm so glad this was all caught on tape because I can’t even imagine having the cops called on you for something as silly as that.

You can watch the video of the incident below or visit @smitttttybackup on TikTok:

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