Kanye West's campaign committee for his 2020 presidential run is claiming it was a victim of fraud.

On Tuesday (May 24), Kanye West's campaign sent a letter to the Federal Election Commission admitting that money had been unlawfully taken from the campaign's bank account. The thief, who is not affiliated with the campaign, lifted $3,999 in total. The funds were allegedly used by the unnamed larcener to pay off credit card bills. West's campaign claims the thefts happened on three occasions in late 2021 and earlier this year.

"It has been determined that the disbursement for $1474 on 12/9/21, $1280 on 2/8/22 and $1245 on 2/22/22 was an external fraud situation," the letter, which was obtained by XXL, reads. "After investigating, it was determined that an individual not connected with the campaign accessed a campaign account to pay his own credit card."

In the letter, West's campaign alleged the money was not able to be recovered.  "The bank was unable to reverse the transactions at issue due to the way they were presented for payment," the letter continues.

Kanye West's failed 2020 presidential bid has come under fire from multiple angles. During the leadup to the race, Ye was removed from ballots in multiple states after thousands invalid signatures were discovered. As a result, voter fraud allegations were discussed. West only ended up tallying around 60,000 votes in the election.

Last March, the campaign was accused of accepting donations from minors and stiffing people on merch. Last December, it was reportedly uncovered that West's campaign was secretly run by Republicans with an agenda to get Donald Trump re-elected.

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