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Kanye West loves himself and this 20-foot mural certainly proves it. Australian artist Scott Marsh is the creator of this amazing work of art featuring the Chicago MC planting a kiss on himself.

A photo of the mural, its location currently unknown, was uploaded to Reddit early Saturday morning (March 19) and the comments flooding in range from sexual to comical.

"There would be a third Kanye masturbating to this mural if Kanye was to visit the location of the mural," wrote one Reddit user while another gave a nod to the rapper's self-appointed title, "The second cumming of Yeezus."

The art covering the wall is a masterpiece of epic proportions, but it seems one of the subjects isn't feeling the vibe, according to this Redditor: "One of those Kanyes doesn't look like he's enjoying himself."

Critics are also taking note of the artwork itself. "Eh, it's a tall mural, probably not easy to paint without having it warp or anything. The choice of coloring and the strokes are also nice. You have to give the artist some credit," another Redditor explained.

Artist Scott Marsh, 32, is based out of Sydney, Australia, where much of his work is on display. The Kanye West mural may likely be somewhere Down Under considering Marsh also created a large-scale image of Biggie at the Lord Gladstone Hotel this month to celebrate the late MC's legacy.

“Much of what I employ in terms of pallet, scale and the manner in which I paint comes from my background in graffiti," Marsh writes on his website.

Yeezy is all about self-love and sharing the notion with his fans so Marsh's depiction of the rapper is rather fitting. Just last month, West proudly pronounced the love he had for himself. "I'm not gon lie to you. I love me so much right now," he wrote on Twitter.

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