Every now and again our Twitter fingers can slip. In the heat of the moment a typo can be made and completely change everything. Instagram addict Snoop Dogg was posting a photo when he made a minor human error, which had a surprising outcome.

The Dogg Father was on deck in Bogota, Columbia for an event and wanted to show love for the country by tagging his location in his chopper ride selfie. But instead of tagging the South American city, Snoop published the photo with his location as Bogata, Romania—an honest stoner's mistake. Needless to say, his fans who reside in the small Eastern European town were ecstatic.

Outside of receiving more than 7,000 comments—some of which from fans who share Snoop’s love for marijuana—Snoop inspired a Romanian media company to launch an English-language tourism site to get more people to come to the small town. The site, visitbogota.com, even mentions the rapper on its homepage. "Snoop Dogg checked into Bogata, Mures, by mistake — but you don't have to! Find out more on why you should visit,” it reads. Talk about get in where you fit in. Good for them for turning Snoop’s mistake into a positive for Bogata. If mentioning Snoop wasn’t enough, the site also claims "best place for chillin' in Romania."

Snoop may just have to make that trip to Romania. His post even made the mayor happy. "It was a mistake but it's a good advert for us,” Mayor Laszlo Barta. If Snoop does indeed go to the town it sounds like they will be ready to greet him with pounds of hemp.

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