It's truly amazing how these radiothons can touch your heart and the stories that come up whenever we do these.

Earlier today, we were chatting about the stories of babies being saved by CMN when a very courageous mother in Midland, Melissa Chandler, shared her amazing story with us.

Her daughter Kaitlyn was born premature by emergency c-section and due to her lungs not being fully developed, was whisked away to the NICU. Like any mother, she wanted to be near her baby, but she wasn't immediately released to see her.

She eventually was released and several times a day, she traveled with a fresh c-section scar to see her precious one at the NICU. She says it was heartbreaking to leave Kaitlyn there each day and not even be able to hold her, but the staff did everything they could to help.

Kaitlyn is turning 9 years old next month and as you can see in the photo, she's doing great! Melissa wants to extend her thanks to the NICU staff and Medical Center hospital.


And get this, Kaitlyn at such a young age, already knows the power of giving. She wanted to donate $2 to CMN.

If you ever wondered if Children's Miracle Network lived up to their name of producing Miracles with Children, look at Kaitlyn Chandler who's here today because of the staff here in West Texas!

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