"I know that I am amazing and when I get on that stage, they're going to be like, 'I've never seen anyone that amazing before.'" We're not sure if "amazing" is the word we're use for Jason Brock, but our opinions aren't the ones that matter. What did Simon, Britney, Demi and L.A. think?

For whatever reason, they loved him and gave him four yeses.

To be fair, he was pretty charming, squealing, "Hey judges! How are you!" He even exchanged konichiwas with Britney, which was adorbs.

Jason Brach entertained the crowd and judges with his "glitter explosion" promises for a future stage show. We weren't sure what to expect of the Liberace-meets-Adam Lambert Brach, but when he began to belt out Billy Joel's 'New York State of Mind,' we were a little underwhelmed.

Brach had strong vocals, but we don't think he was as great as he thought he was -- he couldn't live up to his own hype. He used a ton of ad libbing and was a lot more impressed with himself than we would be. However, given his montage was preceded by the judges lamenting about the dearth of talent in the Bay Area, maybe he simply stood out by comparison.

L.A. Reid gave him a standing ovation, but we're not sure why, while Lovato cried, "I love you!"

Even Simon was impressed for whatever reason. "When you were talking about this ridiculous concert that I never thought was going to happen and it was all fantasy, and I was preparing myself for the worst -- but we saw your concert. I loved your audition."

"It was magnificento!" Spears exclaimed. "I was very entertained, thank you!"

Demz couldn't quit gushing, either. "You sparkle and you ooze of joy when you're singing. It's coming from your glow, and your eyes and your smile. I'm in love with you!" Niall okay with that?