DJ Khaled has his two security guards carry him so he doesn't get his new Jordans dirty.

DJ Khaled Carried to Avoid Dirtying New Jordans

DJ Khaled is a well-documented Jordan head. On Sunday (Feb. 25), the producer-record exec shared video of himself on Instagram being transferred from one vehicle to another by two burly security guards because Khaled doesn't want the soles of his Jordans to touch the ground. In the clip, which can be seen below, Khaled is getting out of his Maybach near South Beach in Miami.

"I don't want to get my Jordans dirty. Can I get everybody to help me?" Khaled requests.

Two men grab Khaled under his arms and put him in the back of an ATV. Khaled rides along the beach until he gets to a venue where he is slated to perform. He is then carried from the second vehicle to the stage.

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DJ Khaled Pulled Over on Golf Cart

Earlier this month, DJ Khaled made headlines for reportedly getting pulled over by police while driving a golf cart barefoot with no seatbelt. That wasn't his only golf cart mishap. Last January, he crashed his golf cart on a curb and needed help getting it off.

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See video of DJ Khaled getting carried by security so he doesn't get his new Jordans dirty below.

Watch DJ Khaled Be Carried Around to Avoid Getting His Shoes Dirty

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