On the 100th episode of the R&B Money Podcast, Chris Brown shed light on his long-range business plan that guided him to financial success.

Chris Brown Shares His Business Plan That Led Him to Financial Success

The R&B Money Podcast celebrated their 100th episode with a captivating interview with R&B crooner Chris Brown. On the show, which premiered on Saturday (April 27) via YouTube, Brown discussed his evolution in the R&B game.

During his convo with hosts Tank and J. Valentine, the 34-year-old artist discussed his long-range business strategy, which he began developing at the age of 17 after achieving initial success. It started with him investing in Burger King franchises and then focusing on the business of music.

When Brown turned 25 years old, he negotiated a 50-50 profit-sharing agreement with his former label, Jive Records, before its dissolution to his current recording home, RCA Records. After garnering more success with his music, at 28 years old, he was able to use his leverage and secure the master recordings from his 2011 album, F.A.M.E., to his current release, 11:11. Now Brown is the master of his own destiny.

"So I'm more like, you know, I'm able to now now see real money or see something from what I've created 'cause I know I created it so now, you know, I can go and do this now. I can create some more," Breezy explained at the 58-minute mark in the video below.

"Wait till y'all see what I'm about to create," he continued. "So now I get to own all of that you know and it's like what you said, I'm like a testament to [investing in yourself]."

"Hey, I'm not saying put your head down, just be the best you," Brown added, referring to his constant work ethic in the R&B game.

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Chris Brown Names his Top Five R&B Singers

Elsewhere in the interview, Brown named his top five R&B singers. In no particular order, Breezy named: Tank, Usher, Brandy, Tevin Campbell and Sam Cooke.

As for his top 5 R&B songs, Brown lists: "Braid My Hair" by Mario, "Sleeping in My Bed (Remix)" by Dru Hill, "Sex, Love and Pain" by Tank, "Superstar" by Usher and "Candy Rain" by So For Real.

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Check out Chris Brown's chat with Tank and J. Valentine on their R&B Money Podcast below.

Watch Chris Brown's Interview on the R&B Money Podcast

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