Today is National Pizza day ! Oh, yes we are here for the party. Or should I stay, here for the pizza party! Who doesn't like pizza? Everybody loves pizza! I have never known anybody who will not take a slice of pizza. And, since it's National Pizza day well of course we all have to partake in eating some pizza today. By the way, pizza was invented in Naples, Italy like way back when. So, when did PIZZA hit America? Around the early 1900's I believe is when the first American Pizzeria was opened in New York and it was named Lombardi's. And, the rest is history. So what is your favorite topping on a pizza? Believe it or not, my favorite is good old pepperoni. You can't beat pepperoni? I also like sausage, Canadian bacon, all the vegetables like mushrooms, olives onions, green peppers. I'm getting hungry for some pizza. What about the different types of crust? When it comes to crust, I love thin crust. Shout out to DOMINOS the best thin crust! There is also regular crust and pan crust plus the stuffed crust.

Then you have Chicago-style pizza or New York style pizza? Do you like the thick crust pizzas? My favorite type of pizza, without a doubt is Oven Brick Pizza . You know the pizza that's cooked in the brick ovens! Brick oven pizza is totally one of my go tos!. Big shout out to Cane' De Oro Pizza, they have some of the best Brick Oven Pizza in the 432. Well, it's time to grab some pizza! It's National Pizza Day! What's your favorite type of pizza?

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