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Imagine this: you walk into a local CVS to pick up a few things and remember you're out of orange juice. You head over to the refrigerated section, make your way to the O.J. and spot the one you want.

You reach for your no-pulp Tropicana orange juice as usual, but then notice something. Rather than its typical price of two dollars and thirty cents, the price tag reads $999.99.

You pause, confused by the label, thinking it must be a mistake. You double check the price tag to see if someone might've mixed it up with another product. Upon further inspection you find that the tag reads "TROP HOMESTYLE OJ," meaning that it's in fact the correct label.

How does someone mess up the price so much to end up with a thousand-dollar bottle of juice? Well, apparently this happened at a CVS that I assume is in Texas (based on the original poster’s other videos). Arabella Meadows spotted this wonky price tag and posted it to TikTok, sharing what they found.

After further inspection and having a CVS employee ring up the juice, it was in fact not $1,000. Despite the confusing label, the drink still rang up at $2.29 like it should.

Either way, that must have been quite an adventure to go through. It's not uncommon to have mislabeled products on the shelves, but I'd never seen one so drastically wrong like that before. Hopefully, they got that fixed and aren't causing any more confusion for CVS orange juice lovers.

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