The have been rumors that there will be a new episode of Tiger King on Netflix. Jeff Lowe himself said there would be. I've been able to research enough that I can confirm that much. He did actually say it. Now every source I've dug up online has me personally convinced that this is 100% real, but I couldn't actually find anything that confirms the rumors by Netflix themselves.

The things I have heard are that there will be a lot of focus on Jeff Lowe, and Joe Exotic's 4th husband (the young fellow talking to Joe on the phone while he was in prison). I've also heard that there will be no appearances by that b*tch Carole Baskin. After all the investigating of her husbands cold case as a result of the show, I can't say I blame her. She's probably strongly regretting her participation in the show in the first place. She now has a entire nation of people convinced she killed her husband...I'm one of them.

Personally, I really do think this last surprise episode is a real thing. My only question is, WILL JOE BE IN IT? I don't care about his 4th husband. I sure as hell can't stand Jeff Lowe. I want to see the human train wreck that is Joe Exotic. Let's get some in prison interviews man!

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