We all love pizza right? But do we all love the CRUST on Pizza? Who knew that PIZZA CRUST was such a topic of debate?
Okay, look, I think the CRUST is the best part of the pizza! Am I in the minority? Don't get me wrong I LOVE the actual Pizza filling and stuff but dang that crust always gets me! LOL

So why all the fuss lately on pizza crust. Well, apparently a guy in England doesn't like the pizza crust but instead of just eating slices and leaving the crust on the plate he did the most crazy thing you have ever seen when it comes to pizza!

Never I have ever seen this! He totally just left a RING of crust and ate everything in it!
I guess he can now wear the ring of crust around his neck! LOL

Do you like the crust on Pizza? We asked the 432 this morning!

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