Is it wrong to go to Raising Canes just for the fries and Raising Cane's sauce? Yes, I love their chicken, but lately I've only been craving their crinkled fries and amazing Raising Canes Sauce. HonestlY, I didn't even know you could go to Raising Canes and only order fries and sauce. LoL But, when you got a 'hankering' guess what you got a 'hankering' for a certain item on the menu.

This got me to thinking? What other restaurants here in the 432 do we go to for just certain 'fixes' we have to have.

I know someone who goes to Bush's Chicken just to get his 'tea' fix.

I also know someone who goes to Rosas's Cafe just to grab a dozen tortillas.

I use to work with someone who only went to McDoanld's and got fries.

I know someone who goes to Osaka just for their soup. Yep, only orders a huge order of soup.

The thing is that we go to certain restaurants and we might get hooked on cetain items from them. How many times have you heard someone say..."I go to (blank) for the (blank)."

I'm not going to lie when I first just ordered fries and sauce I got a look like "You sure you don't want anything else with that?" Oh yes...throw in a napkin. LoL! Cause as long as I have my fries and sauce, I'm good.

Look, I will eventaully will get back to ordering some of thier awesome chicken, but for now I'll take the usual.

Do you hit up your favorite places and just get 1 item because you just have to have your fix on that 1 item?

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